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Our mission is to rescue abused, neglected, unwanted and slaughter-bound equines.  We rehabilitate these equines (mentally, emotionally and physically) and, if possible, place them in qualified adoptive homes.  If sufficient rehabilitation is not possible, we provide a sanctuary for those equines for the duration of their lives.

Who Are We?

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We believe that Natural Horsemanship is the most effective and humane way to relate to and/or train horses.  By "Natural Horsemanship", we mean using the psychological nature of the horse to communicate.  To read more about Natural Horsemanship click here.

We believe that education in Natural Horsemanship can decrease the need for rescue, because many people give up on their horses due to behavioral problems.  To that end, we offer lessons and clinics to provide people with the knowledge and skills they need to overcome many issues.  We also provide presentations to schools, 4-H groups, scouting groups and other interested parties.  To find out more about presentations, classes and clinics click here.

We currently operate out of foster homes.  Our goal is to have our own first-class facility to better meet our needs of rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and education.  

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We do not:take in equines to euthanize them or buy from Kill-Pen Brokers

Feature Story

   In mid-2019, the parents of a young man named Colin were searching for a place for Colin to do therapy with equines.

   You see, 14 year-old Colin is autistic. He had trouble standing up straight and looking where he was going.  He also shuffled his feet when he walked.  His occupational therapist had explained that the simple act of riding a horse at the walk would create neuron-brain connections. His parents were on board, but when they visited therapy centers, there were no horses large enough to accomodate Colin's 6'4", 200 pound body.  

    Fortunately, their search took them to Marcy Waelti of Waelti Farm.  While not an official therapy program, Marcy teaches Natural Horsemanship.  AND Marcy had adopted a giant of a horse from us, Snowman.  

   Two years earlier, Snowman had been taken to a surrender clinic, and was a day from being euthanized.  His owner no longer wanted him and he had a hematoma on his underbelly.  Something in Snowman's eyes told us to take a chance on the Percheron cross gelding. The hematoma resolved within a couple of weeks, but Snowman had emotional issues.  It was obvious that he had been handled roughly, and that had taken a toll on the gentle giant.  He had problems trusting humans. We slowly rehabbed Snowman and he responded fabulously. So much so, that we recommended him to Marcy as a lesson horse.  After Marcy adopted Snowman, she continued his rehab and soon he was ready for some human partners.

   Colin and Snowman took to each other right from the beginning.  Snowman loved Colin's gentle nature and Colin appreciated Snowman's calmness AND size!

   As you can see from the photos, Colin is walking very upright and his focus is way ahead of him!  He takes his leadership role in the partnership very seriously.  He no longer shuffles his feet.

   With Marcy's guidance, he learned that when riding, he needed to "carry himself" and not be a burden on Snowman.  Colin practices at home, so he can be a better passenger for his equine friend.

   In much less than a year, Colin's therapist reports that he has better focus, balance and muscle tone.

   Marcy describes them as a "Match Made in Heaven".  A throwaway horse and a young man with disabilites are making dreams come true.

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