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Are You Ready... Leap into the Future with Us?

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The first part of our mission is to rescue abused, neglected, unwanted and slaughter-bound equines.  We rehabilitate these equines (mentally, emotionally and physically) and, if possible, place them in qualified adoptive homes.  If sufficient rehabilitation is not possible, we provide a sanctuary for those equines for the duration of their lives.
The second part of our mission is to offer education in methods of Natural Horsemanship.

Who Are We?

This video illustrates who we are and what we do.

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We are an ALL VOLUNTEER organization

We believe that Natural Horsemanship is the most effective and humane way to relate to and/or train horses.  By "Natural Horsemanship", we mean using the psychological nature of the horse to communicate.  To read more about Natural Horsemanship click here.

We believe that education in Natural Horsemanship can decrease the need for rescue, because many people give up on their horses due to behavioral problems.





To find out more about our educational opportunities, click here.


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                                    We do NOT:

Take in equines to euthanize them or buy from kill-pen brokers or auctions.  

Owner surrenders and law-enforcement seizures allow us to intercept at-risk equines before they enter the slaughter pipeline.  We can use our funds for care and keeps us at a lower risk for disease.

We currently operate out of foster homes.  Our goal is to have our own first-class facility to better meet our needs of rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and education.  

To see our vision click here.

What's New?

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We'd Love for You to Join Us in our Mission

There Are So Many Ways to Help!

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