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Start here! 

We find MANY of the problems people have with horses are rooted in a lack of understanding horses fully.

Topics Covered:

  • Evolution and what it means about equine behavior

  • 12 Equine Characteristics and how they impact you

  • How Humans and Horses are VASTLY different

  • Ways to bridge the gap between predator and prey species

  • How to effectively read a horse's body language to guide your decision-making

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Sample Pages

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Sample Pages

Second Step

This will provide the basics to help your horse become

a safe, sane, smart, willing partner.

Topics Covered:

  • Change our vocabulary to benefit the horse

  • Zones of the horse

  • The tools of a Natural Horseman - and why

  • Connecting and creating confidence

  • Steady vs. rhythmic pressure

  • The all-important SEND

  • The Red Light ~ Yellow Light ~ Green Light Test

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Advancing Your Repitoire

Completing the process begun in book 2.

Topics Covered:

  • Natural Horsekeeping

  • Drawing and driving

  • On a circle ~ purposeful "lunging"

  • Moving sideways

  • Conquering claustrophobia

  • Trailer loading for life

  • Assessing/effectiveness with different equine personalities

Sample Pages

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Sample Pages

A Book Specifically Written for Success for Wild Horses

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding the nature of horses

  • Equine characteristics

  • Bridging the gap between predator and prey species

  • The fine art of reading a horse (even when he tries to hide what's going on)

  • Tools

  • Proximity

  • Touch

  • Haltering

  • Following a feel (some people call it leading)

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In the message section provide us with your name & address along with which book(s) you would like.  We'll send them on their way ASAP!


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