adoptable equines

These equines can go to forever homes.  They are in varied stages of training, but we use Natural Horsemanship to train all our equines to:
  • Be respectful
  • Be "caught"
  • Follow a feel (often referred to as "lead", but much more)
  • Respond to steady & rhythmic pressure
  • Allow touch in all body areas
  • Stand for the farrier
  • Accept veterinary procedures
  • Load in a trailer
We may not have the volunteer staff to start equines under saddle.  For that reason, unstarted equines have a lower adoption fee.  We will be happy to recommend a trainer to start a horse.
Our greatest concern is making a solid match between human and equine.  
Each equine has it's own page ~ just click on a name and you will open it.
Any questions?  Please email us.

Quarter Horse Mare

Our adoption fees are set at the time of adoption because circumstances change ~ horses age, receive training, or may develop a condition during their time with us.


We try to keep the fees affordable, but we do need to take in funds to continue our mission.

Our adoption process includes:

Morgan Gelding

Appaloosa x Morgan Mare 
See someone you love, but aren't able to adopt at this time?
Please consider our Sponsor an Equine Program.
 Morgan & Winter
Appaloosa Mare 

We take in new equines as often as we have room.  It takes some time before they are ready for adoption.  If you are looking for something specific, please contact us.

Quarter Horse Gelding
Paint Mare
Quarter Horse Gelding
Miniature Gelding



Sadly, Autry has developed heaves. It is under control with diet and curcumin.  At most, he would be suited for light riding.

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