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When You Get That Call: "I Need to Get Rid of my Horse Because it's ___________"

Fill in the blank above with: naughty, uncatchable, dangerous, stubborn, spooky, lazy, crazy, stand-offish, unpredictable, unwilling to load in a trailer, aggressive, frightened, unwilling to do what I want .....

At Spirit Horse Equine Rescue & Education Center, we see so many horses at risk due to behavior issues. After being in the rescue field for 14 years now, I have come to some conclusions as to why this happens:

  • People do not understand the basic nature of horses.

  • People do not know how to effectively read horses.

  • People lack the skills to deal with horses effectively.

  • People lack the desire to learn the skills they need to be effective with horses.

  • People choose horses that have not been well matched for them in terms of personality, spirit level and physical attributes.

It's heart-breaking to receive these phone calls over and over again. That's why we're not only a rescue, we're an Education Center. We believe that by providing people with the knowledge and skills that are necessary to be successful with horses, the need for rescue due to behavioral issue will decline. dramatically.

Horses don't need to be taken to a trainer for a "tune up" They aren't cars. They are living, feeling creatures that need to be understood by the person who owns them. Owners ARE trainers. Every time horses see, hear, smell and/or touch a person, they ARE being trained. Respect is not transferrable. Just because the horse behaves for a trainer, does not mean it will behave for the owner. Owners need to learn the skills necessary for the horse to want to be with them, do as requested, and be safe to be around.

We've seen so many JAW-DROPS when we demonstrate how simple and easy it can appear to communicate effectively with equines.

WE WANT TO SHARE THIS INFORMATION! It shouldn't be something kept secret, or held hostage by high prices.

Until next time ....DeeDee


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